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Artificial Turf Installation, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Artificial turf has grown in popularity over the past two decades since people realized all the benefits it brings to their spaces. First, you get a time-saving surface that requires fewer resources to be maintained as well. Second, it is safer thanks to the shock absorption and level of impact it can offer to all users. Finally, it is way more durable and long-lasting, and all this while spending less than natural grass. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we always recommend our clients go for artificial turf installation to improve their experience with green spaces.

While the initial investment may be a bit higher than you would like, the long-term and immediate benefits are worth it. Moreover, natural grass or turf isn’t really a benefit to the environment; the artificial option is. You spend way less water trying to maintain your grass green, and there is no need for chemicals or other products.

We have been working with synthetic grass, artificial turf, and natural grass for over a decade. All the people that have decided to follow our advice with the artificial options have never regretted it.

Now, not all options are viable. Like every other product, synthetic grass comes in many shapes and forms. Most of them are quite cheap and not as durable as expected. This means you must think carefully about the product you will use and set a fair and reasonable budget for this project.

On average, you can get nice synthetic turf for about $8 per square foot, but some options can be found cheaper while others will go higher. It all depends on comfort and what you are looking for in your space.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf?

Whenever people come to us and start wondering about turf and how they can benefit from it, the immediate answer is, “In the long run….”

However, we understand that some people are looking for more than long-term benefits, which makes sense considering the initial investment.

This is why we like listing the benefits and working around both aspects: the short and long-term options that need to be brought to the table.

ForYout an immediate stunning and durable green space. H for the short-term one saving artificial turf installed will enhance your outdoors immediately and without delay, meaning you can enjoy the look and entire design immediately.

Additionally, you can get rid of all chemicals and allow your children and pets to play in it without worrying about their safety. It is a quick way to get a clean and safe result for any outdoors, including parks and entire golf courses.

For the long-term benefits, it is about time-consuming and money-saving opportunities. First, you can forget about watering your grass every day or periodically. Artificial turf doesn’t need this but rather every two weeks, and you can choose to water it in case you want to have a fresh look.

Second, you get to spend less on water bills and chemicals, which leads to the artificial turf paying itself. Third, it will always look green, which is both a short- and long-term benefit.

Finally, maintenance is simple. While natural grass requires continuous attention, you can pretty much forget about artificial turf, especially when it is easy to repair in case of any issues.

We have been working with this installation for over a decade, and every person we have helped so far has the same material and enjoys it every day.

Can You Get Artificial Turf Installation for Affordable Prices?

Absolutely. However, some cheap or affordable options indeed come with less durability and quality than the more expensive ones. But this is all a contradiction. Expensive doesn’t always mean more quality, and cheaper doesn’t have to mean bad quality. Hence, it is about knowing the industry and being able to identify what’s good or not.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our team will get you the best deal and focus on quality over quantity. It does not apply as much, but in this case, we truly want you to have artificial turf that will last.

Therefore, let us know your budget, and we will see what we can do around it. This way, you will get a good deal and affordable prices without having to sacrifice quality and aesthetics along the way.