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Sprinkler Installation, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Sprinkler installation can be more laborious and difficult than you would expect at first because most people don’t understand the system’s multiple options. Moreover, not all of them work for every space. Second, factors such as the soil type, topography, and the way your drainage system works matter. Hence, you have to put them into consideration whenever you are working on the design and installation. Finally, it is a matter of doing it right. You can have all materials and equipment, but do you know how to get it done in a way that won’t cause more problems than solutions?

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our team knows quite well how to get an efficient and clean result for your space. We will consider your soil type and current drainage system and ensure you are getting all the customization to guarantee the sprinkler works well.

Before you decide to jump into this project, we want to ensure you understand what a sprinkler system entails. While everyone may benefit from it, you don’t have to feel forced to install one unless you will put it to good use.

To begin with, do you even have grass or care about your landscape? Such as your trees, flowers, or bushes? If not, you may have the system for nothing unless you plan to have them later on, and even so, the green parts come first if possible.

On the other hand, sprinklers are not that easily installed, and the part of your drainage system truly matters. You have them regulate water and avoid watering on your own, saving time and resources. However, is your drainage system enough for the load you are about to give it with all the extra features?

When to Install Sprinkler Systems on Your Property

Your landscaping highly matters in this project, and even before you consider the sprinklers, you want to think about your grass.

Turf or artificial grass are better options than natural ones, and they can save you lots of time and resources alone.

Now, the sprinkler system may be needed if you have multiple outdoor zones or sections that need watering, and having a controlled system could be beneficial in every aspect.

That being said, you want to make sure that your sprinkler is placed right in the strategy point. Otherwise, you may not benefit from it either.

Another condition to keep in mind is your soil type and how it will stand all the water load. As mentioned before, sprinklers are meant to have more control over the water. Nevertheless, certain locations and areas don’t perform well, leading to issues around flooding or stagnant water in different corners and sections.

You want the sprinkler system to fix this, not bring more problems that could be avoided.

Overall, we always recommend sprinkler installation systems when you want to have control over your total water usage. Moreover, you want to save time and resources in how you deal with watering throughout your landscape.

In terms of places or particular situations, massive locations will benefit the most. For instance, golf courses, parks, squares, or large-scale properties will have a sprinkler system that can handle all the watering independently. This saves money and time in how the project must be handled.

Take the time to consider your situation and think about your expenses, what you will get from the system, and if you meet all conditions to get it installed.

How Much Does Sprinkler Installation Cost?

You can install an entire system for about $1,000 to $1,750. however, this will highly depend on certain factors:

  • The amount of work involved.
  • How difficult the process is.
  • How long does it take to install the whole system, including preparing the lawn?
  • Your preferences in the type and design.
  • Any considerations and needs to be covered.
  • Whether we have to consider the drainage system and work around its improvement or even install a new one.
  • How much do you have for the project since your budget and finances matter to us?

Feel free to call or email us at Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems so that our team can access the whole process with you. We will happily offer a free inspection and estimate around the project and hand and your specific situation.