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Polydrains, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

When you are trying to learn more about materials and drainage, you will discover that lots of them are based on the company and elements they are made of. Polydrains are quite a good example since they are known like this for being made of polymer concrete. Moreover, a specific company tends to make them, leading to confusion when trying to find the material or type of drain. That being said, when should you use them? With so many options, the first question that comes to mind is when it is a good fit for your space and why.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our team is always working around requests and how you can get the most out of your space. We will work with you to determine what’s the best drainage system or feature. In case it is the poly-drains one, we will set and establish all details and reasons for it.

In most cases, people who are relying on poly-drains are trying to find a strong material that can perform for decades. If it is easy to maintain, clean, and offers all the drainage benefits, even better. This is what polydrains can offer, and since they are precast, the installation takes less time and effort.

What makes them so good is how they are pre-slopped and help create the elevation or inclination you need in the space. This can save lots of time and effort while you have an interlocking section that improves all drainage processes.

The benefits are many, but this doesn’t really answer when they should be used. In essence, we like setting this in terms of comfort, less onsite labor, and whenever you look for an easy-to-maintain option.

Feel free to inquire about it from another perspective.

What Are All Polydrains Benefits in the Industry?

More than the industry itself, think about it from the user’s perspective.

You want a drain that is durable and doesn’t cost a fortune, which seems to be more difficult by the day. Fortunately, polydrains do offer those benefits in terms of comfort and what you can get in the short and long run.

That being said, we can list multiple benefits that will help you have a better idea of the approach:

  • They are flexible in design.

Unlike your usual or standard drains, they don’t have to be poured and built. Hence, you get the chance to customize them a bit better and don’t have to worry about how much you are spending. Instead, you can bring as many polydrains as needed, work on the proper design, and ensure you have a time-saving alternative.

  • Expect them to last for decades.

Thanks to the mixture of cement and polymer in the material used to make them, you can have strength and durability guaranteed. The system will withstand most debris and all excess water, and the way it absorbs chemicals or deals with specific weather will be easier and simpler.

As long as the installation is done right, there shouldn’t be any problems with durability. Feel free to inquire about this when having our team work on the installation.

  • You can save lots of money thanks to how they are precast.

All polydrains are precast, which saves you lots of resources in how you need to work with the installation. Since they only need to be placed and installed, labor is reduced.

We will get there with as many polydrains as needed and make sure we are working on the proper design and installation for your property. This is regardless of where it is and for whom.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Polydrains?

Following the previous mention of how you can save time and money, you can expect this to be affordable. You can expect the average to go from $10 to $17 for each pallet, this can seem or feel expensive, but not many drains are needed during a project.

We will make sure we are considering your budget and work with the specific company that makes high-quality ones. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we care about all aspects and work hard to fulfill your requirements and needs.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to come to us, bring requests, and ensure you discuss the specific project at hand. We have been in business for over a decade and can assure you that we consider every element and aspect of all projects and processes.