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Irrigation Systems, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Most people find irrigation systems useful when they have massive green lands to care for. For instance, farms and crops need to consider how they will control their water usage while keeping their vegetables and greens alive. However, doing this manually will be inefficient and the wrong method for this project. Now, installing the system on your own shouldn’t be an option. While it seems simple, being able to set it up properly and consider the way your green area should be watered aren’t easy tasks. In most cases, people end up ruining the entire process.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our team is available 24/7 to work with you and improve the way you have your system established. We will work hard to ensure that you have an irrigation system that actually brings all the benefits:

  • Control the water usage on your property.
  • Save time and resources when watering your spaces.
  • Reduce weed growth and focus on the focal points in your landscape or crops.
  • Workaround small or large areas to cover all the extensions and areas needed.
  • Keep maintenance affordable and functional in every aspect.

While irrigation systems are often considered by people who have to handle crops and farms, as mentioned before, you can get them for residential projects or needs. It all depends on the project, your situation, and how you handle your drainage system.

In all this, the main consideration is your drainage. Most people forget that despite having more control over the water, the soil type and topography matter when installing irrigation. Hence, you ought to keep an eye on how efficient your drains are and if they are good enough for the water load you will face.

Different Types of Irrigation Systems for Your Space

Choosing the right type of irrigation for your space will be one of the key parts of whether it works properly or not.

Most people think that any will work perfectly, but it highly depends on the design and the way the irrigation system works. In other words, no, not every type works well for any space.

The first option you want to consider is drip irrigation, which is the most commonly used. It includes the process of feeding water around your green area and setting lines that will go into the root. You will have your plants getting water dripped into them continuously, and it helps with proper growth and control over watering.

This system is not your usual garden or how you get all the water over the greens. You will notice that your roots are the ones getting the water directly. Hence, you get to supply them and have more control over weed growth. The latter is insanely reduced as you aren’t feeding the soil directly but rather your plants and greens directly.

Sprinkler irrigation is the common option in gardens and golf courses since the system allows o cover larger and wider areas. You get all the space watered, but this can lead to more weed in areas where you want to control turf and this feature overall.

However, the main benefit is that you can use it anywhere. You will have it in your farms, crops, gardens, or any other location. As long as it is properly installed, you should be able to get the most out of it.

Finally, surface irrigation is the cheapest option since it utilizes rainwater and works for your surface as well as roots. Bringing a balance in both needs.

How Much Will You Spend in Irrigation Systems?

This can be more controlled in terms of prices since you get to set them apart based on the type you are choosing. On average, people can set one for about $1.500, and this isn’t a poor-quality one.

However, you have to make sure that the specific type you chose is functional and will cover your needs. Otherwise, you will be spending your resources and time on the wrong option.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we do our best to work with you around your expenses and comfort. We don’t want you installing irrigation systems that won’t work or cover all your requirements. Thus, take the time to navigate this process step by step with us.

We can consider your budgets and needs around this and ensure there is balance and control in what you can pay and what your space requires.