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Buried Downspouts, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

One of the options you should consider when dealing with your roof drainage should be buried downspouts. However, when we say “consider,” we mean it 100%. Like every option, they have pros and cons, and you want to ensure you are not damaging or affecting your property negatively when working with them. With so many downspout options, you should consider why you would prefer to bury them instead of the regular option. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we guide you through the process and make sure you are happy and satisfied with every part.

Our professionals have been working with all properties and situations for over 13 years, and if there is something we can tell you is that not all places need them buried. Downspouts installed in this way are usually not recommended despite how efficient they are in protecting your home’s foundation.

The main reason is how difficult it can be to maintain and clean them. Unlike the downspouts you simply place on the surface, the buried ones will need quite a process to unclog them when needed. This all falls into the expense considerations and kind of begging for it to work well in terms of design and how efficient the whole system is.

However, they are quite good when you need to channel lots of roof water and cannot keep it in check with your usual downspouts and gutter. The benefit of relying on them in places like Florida is that you know your drainages and gutter won’t freeze. While there is specific consideration during winter, it is less common for them to go over this issue. Moreover, we always make sure to leave recommendations to prevent this when we install them for you.

What Makes Buried Downspouts Better?

They can redirect or divert water better than the above-ground options. One common issue with the downspouts you connect to your gutter is that how far they go to move water from your roof isn’t as far as you would like it to.

They tend to drain water only a few meters away from the foundation or your property’s walls, which may not be enough when you are dealing with lots of runoff. Moreover, you depend on heavy rains, and how efficient your downspouts are will be based on the current and how it comes down your ceiling or roof.

You don’t have to deal with this joker when you have buried downspouts, as they will handle all runoff better. You get to move all roof water directly into the system and have all the excess properly handled.

You will have an entire system in place that will allow for water to go all the way from your roof to the gutters, then the downspout, and then the main drain pipes of your system. While cleaning or unclogging them will be hard, it isn’t impossible.

You will realize that your buried downspouts work better in case you are dealing with more water than you thought.

A common situation that could help you decide is when your soil isn’t porous enough. Your soil type highly influences what is done and how it is done. This is why we always recommend specific inspections and customize the project based on what would work better for you.

Not everyone benefits from them; others won’t want to deal with the cons of installing or burying them. Therefore, you want to carefully consider this and simply work around comfort and what can be done to improve.

Are Buried Downspouts More Expensive?

Then above-ground downspouts? Naturally. Since you have to bury them and create an entire connection with the drain pipes and roof gutters, you can expect to spend more on this process.

Our team works hard to help you set a budget and work around affordable prices, but you must remember that expenses can add depending on the amount of work involved and how you need to handle the process.

On average, above-ground downspouts cost about $40, but the underground ones can start at $170 each. This is why you want to consider expenses and see how much you benefit from each option.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we will carefully consider the situation with you and make sure you get the most out of this process without having to worry about all the expenses.

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