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Yard Drainage, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Depending on what you have at hand and how you are working and handling the space, the type of drainage system you opt for will always vary. This is why we always encourage individuals to contact us and have qualified contractors helping them. This way, there is no need to struggle or worry about how the whole project will proceed based on design, type, and how the system must be installed. You can come to us for any specifications and options, being yard drainage one of the most important and crucial ones in residential and commercial properties equally.

Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems helps you understand how your yard drainage should work, what’s the proper option, and how you can get rid of all the excess water while tending to your garden when needed.

Overall, you will notice you have multiple options for a specific need at hand. This is why considerations such as your budget, the size of your yard, the specific amount of water you are handling, and more need to come to play so that you don’t have to worry about the whole process and how you may need to deal with more additions or changes later on due to poor installation or having the wrong system.

Slopes are the most common feature needed in yards to move all the water along the trench line and make sure you have sufficient water flow. Of course, the entire slope or trench in this aspect must be complemented with pipes and gravel as needed so that you get a proper drain line throughout the process.

But slopes are just one of the options and are not always doable for all yards. Therefore, take the time to reach out to our team and get a proper inspection and assessment.

What Are the Main Types of Yard Drains to Consider for Your Lawn?

Going back to our mention of several options for your yard, the number can be reduced to the most efficient and comfortable ones, but first, we want you to know that drainage systems for yards should work around lawn and landscaping.

Therefore, the way you can improve them and make sure your garden and features aren’t affected is what is on top of your mind, along with the usual worries about flooding or stagnant water throughout the lawn.

That being said, our company likes working with three specific types of yard drainage needs:

  1. French drains are not only the most popular ones but also some of the most affordable. The trench needs to be dug at the lowest point of the year, and make sure there is a clear and free line for the pipes and entire drains. This option is often picked when you have to handle slanted patios or have enough space to add a trench at the lowest point.
  2. Channel drains work better when you are dealing with excess surface water and need to handle different additions around your yard, including pools, some sidewalks, or walkways that could have been added while you were designing your outdoors. The best part is that all sprinkler water will also be collected, minimizing any headaches with the regular maintenance around your yard.
  3. Finally, the specific yard drains you can find listed. They are basins that will catch all the runaway water from your yard and make sure it doesn’t stagnate and prevent all ponds in the space. The main issue is that they are quite noticeable, and you may want to consider aesthetics for some yard drainage projects, which we would understand.

How Much Will You Spend on Yard Drainage?

The price will highly depend on the linear feet used for your yard. The type of drainage and how you are covering every element and need in this property also matter, so you don’t want to overthink prices and costs until you have professionals inspecting your space.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our team is always open to the option of working with a first-time free inspection and estimate so that you get a good idea of what needs to be done, how, and work with you step by step on how the whole system must be handled for your yard.

We will take this carefully and ensure you are happy with every aspect, including the price. On average, expect about $10 to $40 per linear foot, but this range will vary depending on the specific type of yard drainage you choose or is needed.