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Channel Drains, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

In the drainage field and industry, you will learn that most people call a feature with multiple names. This is the case with channel drains. Many consider them the same as trench drains, French drains, and similar options. This is because all of them are used for driveways, sidewalks, and specific locations where inclination and covering the width of the location matter. However, their uses and types can vary depending on the situation and how you want to address the draining process. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we make sure to provide insight and information on what should be done and when you can utilize some options.

When it comes to channel drains, we always like mentioning how they work well with parking lots and driveways, as we did earlier. However, they can bring way more functionality if you get a bit creative with the applications.

To begin with, you have two main types of drains, the subsurface one and the surface one. As you would expect, they work in different layers or levels depending on where the water you are dealing with is. The common option is the surface one since you often see the installation with metal drains and filters. However, you may be missing the point with subsurface ones if you still face problems in drainage.

We would need to go into detail about how each is used and ensure we address the parts and steps carefully. Otherwise, the concept and why you would use a channel drain will be distorted.

But before this, do you know if you are aiming for the right service? Our company takes the time to address this when you first reach out to our team.

How Subsurface & Surface Channel Drains Work

When you have the first one, all subsurface parts will be buried or installed underneath the surface. This is expected considering the name, but what changes is not having a grate to prevent debris and waste from entering the system.

But what protects the drain pipe from being clogged? The entire gravity part. Most items and debris will be left behind when you consider gravity unless the rain easily moves them. Moreover, all the rainwater directed to the subsurface drain will be caught and usually filtered before going to the main sewage line or the street line.

On the other hand, the surface drain goes right on the ground, and it goes with the grate you usually see in driveways or similar spaces. All the grates will collect water but also prevent debris and waste from entering the pipe and system.

The one you choose will highly depend on two factors:

  • The amount of water or rainwater you are dealing with.
  • Gravity and slope factors in your space.

In many driveways, for instance, you will have a problem with how the slope is. After all, you have a flat space, which can also be found in parking lots. However, having enough inclination or elevation will improve the subsurface channel drain.

There are multiple considerations at the end of the day. Our role in this is to make sure you understand when one is better for you or not and work from there. But for this, we need to address your request and focus on proper assessment so that we know the decision and option will cover problems and all needs.

Take the first step in reaching out, and we shall handle the rest for you, including design and planning.

Can You Request An Estimate for Channel Drains?

Absolutely. Since this is a project that must be carefully addressed, we do our best to provide free inspections and estimates. As long as they are the first time or you are trying to decide to work with us, we can give you some insight free of charge.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to get all the information. We will happily work with you and ensure you get a good concept of channel drains. Then bring our knowledge and ensure you get proper design, planning, and installation.

We have been working with all property owners for over 13 years and pride ourselves in delivering quality results. Take the time to have us as your drainage contractors; we shall work from there.

All answers and replies in this project will be immediate or during business hours.