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Landscape Lighting, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

When people start working in their outdoors, they always prioritize aesthetics and features. Plants, driveways, fountains, fire features, and more. But while they are working on those elements, we always consider how landscape lighting influences the entire result. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we always put everything together and give them the same relevance and importance. In the case of this lighting process, it is about safety, comfort, and aesthetics as well.

First, you want to make sure the design you worked so hard on is always visible at night and at all hours. Lighting can provide this and even add more features while highlighting the space and design. Second, safety is a priority, as you want to be able to go through your landscape without tripping or being in danger. Third, it is a matter of comfort. You always want to make sure that your space is in good condition and comfortable, even when it involves a few light bulbs and similar features.

Finally, landscape lighting can be all you need in many cases. Some people will constantly recommend adding more when it isn’t needed or include more elements that lead to oversaturating your space. You want to consider how some lights and bulbs or features could change your space, even during the day.

We have been working with residential and commercial properties for over a decade, and if there is something we can say is: you will notice big improvements as soon as you set some lights. Allow us to be there for you and bring our experience and skills to the game.

We will happily work on comfort and safety and ensure that every penny invested in landscape lighting is worth it in the short and long run for your property and space.

What Are the Best Landscape Lighting Features?

Just as with hardscaping and landscaping, you have multiple options for lighting alone.

Many of them will often depend on the current features you have installed and how you can work around them. However, others can be used in all spaces and are often recommended to enhance aesthetics and functionality around the location.

Spotlights are the most common options since they help create different effects depending on how they are used. You can direct them to trees or water features or maybe use them in your walls and driveways. It is a matter of the effect you want to create and how you want the landscape to look, thanks to them.

You can set several spotlights throughout your property and highlight plants, walls, statues, and different elements in your outdoors. However, we highly recommend not overusing them since they lose their magic, and other features could work better for certain spaces.

Up and downlights are the next option we often recommend, especially for properties that want to benefit from the spotlights but need to consider the way their structures are. You can even use them for your house or business more than the outdoors. It all depends on their placement and how you address the installation.

Step lights are next and often used as safety options more than aesthetically pleasing ones. However, they can work quite well in your space depending on where they are placed: stairs, specific rocks, and other locations throughout your property.

Finally, we recommend working with garden lights and multiple options around the feature. Placement is what will truly matter here since the effect you create will vary depending on the bulb and specific section you use.

Take the time to address this with our team and allow us to inspect and assess your property carefully.

How Much Will You Spend in Landscape Lighting?

For once, it is completely up to you in the entire extension of the idea. You can set a budget, and our team will be able to bring multiple options around it. In case you are working on this project in order to have your landscape more visible and feel safer, we can set some lights around it without going over your finances.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we consider all factors and elements. While it is important to have a good idea of prices, and some options won’t be accessible with your budget, we work hard to make some of them happen.

Therefore, feel free to come to us and have our team provide a customized inspection and estimate of your property and what we can do. We work with residential and commercial landscape lighting as needed.