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Hardscaping Services, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

If you are new to the concept of hardscaping, then the concept around it is simple: it is the opposite of softscaping. The latter is the usual landscape design you get with lots of plants and greens in your outdoors. The grass and common options around your property are known as all the landscaping design. On the other hand, hardscaping is more about stones, walls, and elements that are far from being alive. They are a bit more difficult to handle since you need to build them and work with specific materials, making hardscaping services and professionals needed in all those cases.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our professionals have been working with all types of hardscaping for over a decade, and with every new design and option comes better alternatives for your space. We will make sure to assess your property, bring recommendations, and provide recommendations around your comfort and aesthetics. Additionally, hardscaping can be used for drainage purposes, which is one of the reasons why we offer this as one of our services.

We can work with all types of hardscaping options, including driveways, retaining walls, river beds, or some elements like trenches and specific features.

The concept and way we are able to improve all this is by working around your needs. We know this can be a lot, and your options and alternatives will always vary, leading this project to be more difficult than it should be.

However, we are here to bring designs into perspective, provide recommendations based on your needs, and see how we can help you in the entire design, planning, and making it possible for your property and space.

What Are Our Recommendations When Delivering Hardscaping Services?

They will highly depend on the project at hand and whether you are aiming for this as a design or an option to improve drainage.

Not all projects are the same, and while you may get some ideas around media and places like Pinterest or simply googling, you will notice that things highly depend on your own property.

However, hardscape designs can be more creative than you think and involve more than your usual walls or pavers. In order to give some recommendations and ideas that could truly work in more spaces, we decided to mention the most common ones:

  • Paver walkways or driveways are always welcome. They enhance your aesthetics and make the outdoors more accessible. Moreover, you have multiple options in pavers and designs, meaning you can have a good level of customization in all this.
  • Water features are always welcome, but they may not be that easy to install. You usually need a designated place for them and make sure you can handle the maintenance that comes with them. However, you will notice they are worth every penny when your clients and yourself get all attracted by them.
  • Fire features follow water features, but they are usually better for your personal space, such as homes or other residential properties. Hence, you may not want them for your commercial outdoors as hardscaping options.
  • Retaining walls have two specific purposes, create another level in your outdoors to enhance aesthetics and design more locations, or work as literal retaining walls to control water flow and drainage. We highly recommend them when you are aiming for comfort and a different level of hardscaping for better systems and improvements.

More recommendations can be made once we get to know you and your space better. Moreover, we will consider your budget through it all.

Are Hardscaping Services Expensive?

More than your usual landscaping services, yes. This is due to the materials and process of getting the features done, but some prices can be adjusted or adapted to your budget and needs.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we do our best to keep things within a budget and work hard to consider all elements going into the project. We will bring recommendations that can adapt to your preferences and needs while thinking about your budget.

Keep in mind that estimates and proper prices can be given once we have seen the space and know what you are willing or trying to install. In case you want or need a quote before that, give us all the information our professionals ask for. Otherwise, we won’t be able to be accurate with the costs.

Take the time to call, email us, and use our contact form to request all information about our hardscaping services.