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Dry Well System, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Depending on how much water you are dealing with, you may need to address your drainage problems with specific systems. Otherwise, flooding and excess water will continue taking place, and regardless of your efforts, you will only get more damage to your property. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, our team works with all types of drainage systems and options in the industry. Among them, we highly recommend dry well system in case you have to deal with storms or a particular amount of rainwater. You can have more control over your surface and flooding and ensure they are prevented in most cases.

Now, dry wells need to be properly installed, or they won’t benefit the situation and space. Instead, they can end up worsening the problem as the way doesn’t infiltrate or drains the water properly. You want to handle your site’s runoff and move it underground for proper drainage.

All this process tends to be more complicated and elaborated than with most drainage systems. Hence, hiring professionals to deal with the process is not only the right thing to do but also the efficient one.

Now, when it comes to the usual question of what needs to be done, it is simple. You will have a well installed on your property that will move all surface water to the underground system. However, the system you installed in your property should already work well to handle all the load it will receive. This is why proper inspection and addressing of the system alone is needed.

The well will include pretreatment that can treat the water to a certain extent to remove oil, particles, or other contaminants. This is in order to avoid clogging and any obstructions.

Should You Install a Dry Well System in Your Place?

This is quite a common question and, to be honest, one that is quite difficult to answer.

Dry wells come with many considerations, including whether you need to treat water or not to ensure it goes to the groundwater level.

Most dry wells come with pretreatment, as mentioned before, but if it isn’t good enough, you are facing the common issue of not having it treated enough. In other words, they can end up being more of a problem than a benefit for your space.

However, it is the best alternative for your space if you are dealing with lots of rain and stormwater runoff and need to reduce erosion. You will get to manage all the runoff better and won’t have to worry about how your soil is being affected in the short and long run.

Having more control over the water flow over your surface will prevent sedimentation and flooding, which are common issues no matter what drainage system you are installing. But keep in mind that how you deal with surface water will vary, and some responsibility comes with the whole process.

Another situation where you may need dry wells includes recharging groundwater. You can manage your runoff, but you can also help with all the groundwater purposes as long as it is well-treated.

Many companies and cities decide to make use of dry wells, but they are careful with it. Our company can help you decide when to work on them or when to avoid them. We have been in this industry for far longer than needed to understand requirements and what must be done around the drainage system you are working on.

What Are Your Options for a Dry Well System?

You have three in total. The passive option will work around natural processes and won’t have to be powered with electricity or other external and mechanical components. However, this may not work if the natural processes alone are not strong enough.

Active dry wells are better when you have to use external sources to handle excess water and work continuously on how it is addressed. Finally, you also have the hybrid option, which can be a better fit when you are trying to work on affordability, permeability, and setting a natural and more doable option.

Our Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems team can help you decide on the most suitable option and work with you on comfort, budget, and needs. Feel free to address your installation with us and get all the elements installed when working with this dry well system.