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Dry River Beds, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

When trying to get stunning hardscaping while also having or improving your drainage, you will want to see how doable dry river beds are on your property. In case you are new to them, they are simply beds or streams designed with rocks and specific materials. They allow water to flow as if it was a river or natural stream and prevent erosion in your soil and place. Most of the systems around these beds are installed and made-up shallow swales or drainage swales, but you can opt for stones and specific structures depending on where they will be included. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we can take you through the whole process.

Our role in this is to make sure you are making a well-informed decision, know the benefits of the beds, and get the project done if this is what you want and need. We will work closely with you in making it happen and ensure you have all rainwater properly handled by the flow created and improved of the stones and dry river beds.

Most dry river beds are, in fact, not built for drainage purposes or as solutions. Many people like them as they add quite the benefits around hardscaping and the design’s appearance. You can have a stunning stream and make use of natural water with them.

However, when you are dealing with extra excess or stormwater, they become quite functional to direct water to main drainage locations and prevent erosion in the place. Since the stones and chunks used can be chosen in different aspects and parts, you get to experiment more with the way the beds are made up.

But something to remember is dry river beds are not that easily built or created on any property.

How Does Our Team Build Dry River Beds?

The process may vary a bit depending on the type of river bed we are building, but overall, we follow the basic steps.

First, we must choose where the dry river bed will be placed. The location is usually around a sloped area in your landscape that will allow all the runoff to divert or direct to the specific place. While the slope cannot always be found, it can be made. This is when our team starts creating a curvy design that works around the way the area must be designed.

On the other hand, the location is usually designed based on where you want to keep the water away from. For instance, you may have lots of plants and landscape designs, while other places will be more about hardscaping. We need to place the dry river bed in the strategic and focal point.

Second, once we have all the locations figured out, we can finally work on the digging and how we will place and build the dry river bed. For it, we have to consider the depth and width of the trench and start working on your soil. Keep in mind that at this point, we should know the type of soil you have.

Third, the trench should be all done and ready to be covered in landscape fabric so that you have proper drainage throughout the bed and its walls. This is part of facilitating how your runoff goes along the line and the way we can improve the design.

Finally, once the fabric is placed and fixed in the trench, we will work with the stones and start placing them. A single or specific shape is never used since we need multiple sizes.

Can Dry River Beds Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

100%. There is no single dry river bed that we have created or designed that looks awful. Part of building them is making sure you have a beautiful hardscaping feature.

While drainage properties and benefits are what we care about the most throughout this entire process, we don’t want you to regret the way your property looks. Hence, our Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems team will make sure to consider designs, expenses, and functionality around your bed. This way, you know you will get a high-quality design to handle all rain and stormwater.

Additionally, you get hardscaping that adds value and aesthetics to your property. Feel free to call, email us or use our contact form to inquire about the service and how we prevent all flooding and stagnant water while delivering a beautiful dry river bed in any space and property in Florida.