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Foundation Drainage Systems, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Every specific drainage system in your property is meant for certain areas. Surface drainage will address all the water in your property and common spaces, while a foundation drainage systems is more about the structure. The purpose of the latter is to ensure that no excess water or rainwater goes to your foundation. Otherwise, direct damage is done, and more problems to the structure take place in no time. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we know how to work with this system quite well. We will carefully address your need and make sure your foundation drains are properly connected.

If you have a basement, the system will collect water before it gets to this part. Most people will consider it a system for your regular structure underground. However, the foundation involves your basement and every element around your space. Therefore, it needs to be carefully addressed to prevent all places from filling with water.

But how does the drainage system work in specific? The idea is to install pipes and particular connections that will pick up all the groundwater. If you have problems with your roofs and how the water is pouring down, this can also help prevent flooding. However, gutter and downspouts are the options usually used in those cases.

We have been working on multiple properties over the years, and we can tell you that not every situation is the same. Before you take the next step with your drainage systems, make sure it is what you actually need. Otherwise, you will end up spending more time and resources on something that may already be installed there.

Our professionals help you with this endeavor and ensure you get your space’s specific result and system.

You Have Multiple Foundation Drainage Systems

One of the main challenges when trying to install any type of system must be working with the types of systems you have.

You will discover you have at least three different options for foundation drainage.

French drains are usually popular options due to how well they work with most spaces. They help with the porosity issues but cannot be proper if perforations are limited. The good part about using them is reducing excess water in more areas besides your foundation. As a result, you are addressing multiple problems at once, but the problem comes with the price.

They are quite expensive due to all the perforation, digging, and design processes. Regardless, considering how you can expect them to perform for over four decades, it can be a benefit.

Footing drainage is another option and system similar to the previous one, but it can last longer. The issue is that it isn’t always installed after the property has been built. It needs to be done during the concrete foundation construction.

The grading drainage is more of a natural option since you can use the soil to redirect or divert water to the main pipes and system, reducing clogging possibilities. However, your soil type matters a lot before you decide to install it. Otherwise, you could affect its condition.

An additional option and the sump pumps that work well with basements and how you need to handle the foundation around the property. Sewage backups will also be less of a hassle, and you get to add property value.

The problem is that long-term functionality and performance rely on electricity, bringing more bills and expenses your way.

What’s the Best Foundation Drainage Systems for You?

This can only be determined once we have fully inspected and assessed your space. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we always work closely with properties and make sure the project is being carefully addressed.

Customization or tailoring is quite important. Otherwise, it is common to get an unclear or inefficient result that won’t address your current and main problems.

While all foundation drainage systems have the same purpose, the way they fulfill their goals isn’t the same. Hence, we have to consider all variables, such as your soil type, topography, amount of water, and even budget. This way, we will come up with an efficient option and solution for your space.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to reach out to our team. We will happily work with you to answer questions, clear doubts, and deliver perfect results.