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Commercial Landscape Design, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Working on your landscape Will take more than adding plants and some soft features, such as grass or small designs. Then, what does it take to have a nice design in place? You always have to make sure that you have a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Many people try to have stunning places but end up affecting drainage or how all outdoors perform. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we work hard to ensure you have everything on point with your commercial landscape design. We will consider your preferences, how you want to attract clients and keep functionality and comfort at the top.

When you are working on your design, remember that you have to think about conveying a message. While some commercial options and ideas are good, they may not cover what you are trying to approach with your own design. This is why you want to represent your brand with it.

You can take inspiration and ideas from some places, but adding some customization will be key. This is part of what we do all the time. We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything and can work around what you want for your business.

Now, do you have any preferences in design or what you think should be done? There are multiple options for landscaping, and having some ideas in place is always the right move. That being said, we will aim to make the place comfortable in terms of the following:

  • Having a proper flow of traffic so people can walk, sit, and enjoy the location.
  • Consider clients and what some of your potential ones would find attractive.
  • Ensure we engage with them thanks to the design and ideas in place.

How Do We Handle Your Commercial Landscape Design?

First, we need to inspect the place and understand your needs and preferences. This is a project for you.

Hence, we cannot go ahead and simply start working without considering what we have at hand.

Second, our professionals will take note of your preferences and needs. This way, we will come up with a list that recommendations from our team can follow.

Third, this is the part where we start all the design and planning. What would you like for your commercial landscape? The recommendations we bring, plus your preferences, can be mixed so that we get you a clear option for your space.

Finally, we have to consider all the expenses. While we are working on the design, we will focus on how much you plan to invest in this process. This way, you know how much you are getting from the process, and we can start working around your comfort.

All the recommendations and options that come with commercial landscape design are usually based on how you want to implement plants and the design around them.

Now, before we start the entire design, we like adding recommendations around what you can do or not:

  • Adding plants to line the property or all driveway and walkways is a good idea to make people feel invited.
  • Outdoor lighting is key regardless of the design you go for.
  • Consider bushes and small trees that can be easily trimmed and taken care of.
  • Add some plants to your business entrance.
  • Include walkways around the outdoors if you want people to walk or sit around them.
  • In case you have the budget and space, add a water feature such as a pond or fountain.

How Much Does Commercial Landscape Design Cost?

It entirely depends on the features and the entire design. Most people like giving an estimate without knowing what will be included or not, but we truly dislike doing this since it doesn’t come with a clear explanation of what should be done or the real expenses.

This is why we need to either inspect your place or make sure we can give you an estimate based on the options you absolutely want for your landscape.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, the service can range from $2.500 to $50.000 in no time, and prices can even increase. Hence, you want to take the time to go for a custom inspection and estimate before deciding what to do with our team.

Take the time to be with us, and we will happily work with you on every step while bringing an affordable design.