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House Gutter Extensions, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

Be it house gutter extensions or known as downspout extensions, they all meet the same goal: extend the system through underground drainage. The main idea is to ensure your gutter and all the water it diverts or catches from your roof aren’t going to a single location. Something most people don’t consider is that while you are preventing basements from flooding or foundation damage, the specific location must be carefully handled too. Therefore, extensions may be needed in more cases and situations than you think. That is, you must consider the right type depending on the problem.

Our Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems team is always working on determining when extending a gutter is a good option and, if so, what to use for it. Will their purpose or the way they work change? Not quite. You will notice that all gutter extensions simply work to direct water away and to a specific location. The way it is diverted will vary a bit, but the same purpose remains.

Most of the time, you will want those extensions when you are dealing with heavy rainfalls, storms, or particular situations leading to excess water. This water coming down your roof and the gutter itself could damage the location where it lands on the soil due to the current and how much is being directed.

The idea of the house gutter extension is to move it to a specific location and protect the place where it is landing. This place is usually close to the foundation, basement, or your property’s walls. Hence, you ought to extra protect it to prevent all the flooding or excess water from being an issue when this is the main reason for your gutters to be installed.

What Are the Options for House Gutter Extensions?

You will have options that go from the functional to the most aesthetically pleasing, or find an option between both aspects.

Budget and preferences also matter here, so you want to bring those considerations to the game when deciding what to install and why.

Underground extensions are one of the common options since they allow you to move all the gutter water directly to the system. This involves quite a process since you may need extra meters and materials if the underground system and entrance are not nearby gutter. But it can be worth it when you are dealing with heavy rains and storms.

The aspect to consider is their maintenance and costs. They are buried, leading to some clogging to be likely to happen, thus why maintenance will be difficult as well.

Other gutter extensions go more for the basics of redirecting water. You can have a flexible one made of corrugated plastic that will bend. This allows you to change the direction the water needs to go, and the extension can be more than the standards.

This is the most common option due to the affordable cost and how you can make it extra long while still being able to flex it.

The roll-out option is more of an automatic system that will roll and disperse the water as if it was a sprinkler, making it easier to divert as well. However, it is needed during heavy rains or storms, not the usual water coming down your gutter.

Then, the flip-up option is more of an extension attached to the gutter that can be flipped up and out. They are uncomfortable since you may need to open them when it is raining. However, they help you control what goes on your lawn.

Is It Expensive to Install House Gutter Extensions?

Overall, it isn’t. Some options, like the underground extensions, will be expensive, but seriously thought, they are not needed with your other options.

Flexible and roll-out extensions can work well in most situations. In case you need extra meters or extensions, it is easier to get it done than digging and burying the extensions.

At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we will work with you to make sure you are making the right decision. Otherwise, you may end up spending in-house gutter extensions that don’t address all your needs.

Take the time to contact us and have our team work with you. We will happily be there for the entire process and ensure you don’t have to worry about costs, designs, aesthetics, and functionality.