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Turf Drainage, Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems

For some property owners or people handling green spaces, artificial turf doesn’t sound like a good option. However, it brings multiple benefits when you realize all the water and resources you can save with it. First, you will want to know that natural grass is not eco-friendly but rather the opposite. Second, all the watering and poor soil absorption can lead to more problems than benefits. Finally, artificial options that come with proper turf drainage will save you headaches along with your money and time. At Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems, we always take our time to work with quality and teach all pros and cons of an option and service.

When it comes to turf drainage in specific, we strongly support its installation. Starting with the basics of how you allow water to flow better and go under your soil. This is often difficult with natural grass or turf since you have to consider the soil type and how much excess water it can handle. However, adding the drainage will bring a porous surface, which is a positive aspect in this case.

You get to handle all the regular water while adding more space for the soil to breathe and absorb the extra rainwater or elements that natural grass could never. This is always a hassle since it depends on how you treat your space, but turf drainage opens the option to be less dependent on treating your green outdoors.

Now, is turf drainage something that is acquired separately from the grass or synthetic turf itself? Not really. Whenever you work with us, you have the option to get your artificial option installed with the effective solution at hand.

However, some designs or brands don’t include it, or you may need some extra elements.

How Does Turf Drainage & Backing Work for This?

The turf or artificial product you are installing should always come with a drainage option, but in case it doesn’t or isn’t as effective, you can rely on some backing as individual products.

This backing will address the way your drainage should work in the space and bring more efficiency to the space.

Now, not all backing is good. Depending on the product or turf you have installed, you have to choose a specific type of drainage. Otherwise, you may end up clogging the soil and get the opposite of the result you were expecting.

Our team always takes the time to inspect the current turf you have and comes with two options:

  1. You can have our team work with you on installing a new system and entire turf drainage.
  2. Or you can choose the option of installing the backing depending on the issues at hand.

We always work with tailored and customized options, which is why we want you to carefully consider opportunities and what you have at hand. We don’t want general approaches that only bring more problems than solutions to the game.

But with this in mind, what’s the best turf drainage available? It depends on what you want and are looking for. Most companies and brands work with different materials and systems, making it a bit difficult to cipher what would be better.

In our case, we consider brands that have turf and all drainage made of nylon or polyethylene only. Moreover, we make sure the drainage system is unique by testing it and having worked with them before.

Rest assured; we will get you the system and drainage that is 100% permeable and brings all the draining benefits and features you require for your lawn.

How to Get Your Turf Drainage Installed

All it takes is a call or email to our team. We have been supporting all company owners and homeowners with their requirements. While we are addressing the project, we make sure to explain the different types of turf backing and drainage. Then focus on the requirements at hand and what would be better depending on the space and situation.

We don’t like working with a standard or the same type of drainage when this isn’t the answer. You need to address a specific amount of water, soil type, and situation. Hence, we do our best to bring all considerations together and make sure you are covered in every aspect.

We are here to work with you and ensure you get every part of the installation or process done. Our Wellington Pro Sprinkler & Drainage Systems team always aims for the best and most tailored support.